Suicide Silenced

Sitting in silence

On an old wooden dock,

Holding back violence,

And skipping some rocks.


Alone as he is

He’s made up his choice,

He can’t go about

With any semblance of poise.


He slips off his clothes

The grim thought taking hold,

This would be harder

If the water were cold.


Sitting in silence

His mind set on death,

He dove in the water

And gave up his breath.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Jeff French, and I would like to welcome everyone to my blog. I started this page so I can get my writings into the hands of other people. I really would like someday to become an established writer, and this is a good stepping stone. My goal is to upload at least one thing every week to this page, and hopefully gain some feedback. Feel free to comment, all criticism is good criticism. If you want, you can also email me directly, just head over to the contact page. Feel free to say hello, and happy readings!