My Dog Ate My Homework

“Ah-ha! My essay for class is finally finished. I embraced the hand cramps, and the wordsmith skills needed to compose such a delicate piece of information. It had only taken me 4 hours to write my wonderful artifact of prose, and fashion it in such a way that it is simple and so much fun to read. Of course, the grade is up to Mrs. Robison, my history teacher. But I am confident I am going to make an A++. Now, it just has to last through the night. I happen to have a slight tendency to lose my homework. Sometimes it falls out of my bookbag on the bus, or once I dropped it at the zoo. Once I swear my twin brother stole my homework and turned it in as his own. I’ll just set it in the middle of my desk so nothing can get near it. I WILL turn this in tomorrow.”

All of this was thought by Marilyn, who was currently in the seventh grade at Kaart Junior High School. She passed through the night regularly enough, but when she awoke, she found all was not as it seemed.

“No!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “My homework! What happened to my homework!”

“What in the world are you screaming about Lyn?” inquired her mother, who was in the middle of making breakfast when her daughter so rudely intruded herself into the lives of her family.

“My homework from last night! It’s missing! I-I-I put it o-on th-th-the desk in m-m-my room, and now it’s g-g-gone!” Marilyn stuttered in disbelief as her homework had disappeared once again.

Her mother picked up a piece of paper off the kitchen counter and politely asked “is this what you’re looking for? I found it by the dogs water bowl this morning.” The essay was ripped almost into pieces and was soaking wet with saliva from the household mastiff.

“Yes, that’s it! I can’t believe our dog actually ate my homework! Mrs. Robison is never going to believe this one.” The girl let out a grunt of annoyance as she climbed into her chair for breakfast before her morning at school.


Suicide Silenced

Sitting in silence

On an old wooden dock,

Holding back violence,

And skipping some rocks.


Alone as he is

He’s made up his choice,

He can’t go about

With any semblance of poise.


He slips off his clothes

The grim thought taking hold,

This would be harder

If the water were cold.


Sitting in silence

His mind set on death,

He dove in the water

And gave up his breath.

Hi Everyone!

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